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Mar. 2, 2021: Vernon Jordan Passes Away, Texas to Lift Mask Mandate and More

Mar. 2, 2021: Vernon Jordan Passes Away, Texas to Lift Mask Mandate and More

Welcome to Word on the Street where we discuss the top five most interesting links of the day. Here is what’s hot for Tuesday, March 2, 2021:

Vernon Jordan, Civil Rights Activist and Presidential Advisor, Passes Away: Vernon Jordan, a civil rights activist and political power broker passes away at the age of 85. A Howard Law graduate, he helped desegregate the South’s higher education system with the NAACP. He also led former President Clinton’s transition team, and remained a friend of the Clintons in the following years.

Texas to Lift Mask Mandate and Roll Back COVID-19 Restrictions: Texas governor Greg Abbott will lift the mask mandate and roll back COVID-19 restrictions on business, allowing all businesses to operate at 100% starting March 10.

President Biden Sanctions Russia Over Navalny Poisoning: President Biden sanctioned seven Russian officials and added 13 businesses to export restrictions in response to the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexi Navalny.

Right Wing Social Media Site Gab Hacked: Gab, a social media site popular among right-wing personalities was hacked, and 70GB of private posts and password was leaked onto the internet.

Only One Member Floyd Family Allowed at Derek Chauvin Murder Trial: Only one member of the Floyd family will be able to attend the Derek Chauvin murder trial in Minneapolis, the judge in the trial has ruled. The trial will be broadcast for those unable to attend.

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