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A Kanye West Documentary is Coming to Netflix. Here’s What We Know

A Kanye West Documentary is Coming to Netflix. Here’s What We Know

Last week, Netflix confirmed that it has acquired the rights to an untitled docuseries on the life of rapper and billionaire Kanye West. Here is what we know so far:

1. Netflix Paid a Hefty Price, But (Probably) Not $30 Million

Billboard, who broke the news, initially reported that Netflix paid $30 million for the project. The streaming giant, however, has since disputed those reports. According to Variety, “a person familiar with the matter” has clarified that $30 million “is not an accurate figure.”

This is not the first time West’s financials have been called into question. Earlier this year, multiple outlets reported that Kanye’s wealth has ballooned to $6.6 billion. Forbes later pushed back and said that the rapper’s wealth was actually closer to $1.6 billion.

2. West Is Not Involved In The Project Directly

Although West did not have creative control over the project, it was reportedly produced with his blessing.

The series was produced and sold by renowned filmmakers Coodie & Chike. The pair directed and produced two of West’s most iconic music videos, “Jesus Walks” and “Through the Wire.” They also directed the 2012 ESPN “30 for 30” documentary on the late Chicago basketball star, Benjamin Wilson.

3. West’s Failed Presidential Campaign Will Be Addressed

The documentary will span the last 21 years of West’s career and include never-before-seen footage of the rapper. Billboard also reports that the film “will cover his career in music and fashion, his failed 2020 presidential bid, and the death of his mother, Donda West.”

Despite his personal troubles, West has remained an influential force in the industry. In addition to his musical pursuits, the Grammy-winner became a billionaire last year through the growth of his Yeezy fashion empire. West has also signed on to a 10-year partnership with Gap to design affordable men and women’s clothing. The first Yeezy x Gap collection is expected to drop this summer.

4. But His Divorce Might Not

There has been little indication about whether West’s divorce from his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian West, will be addressed directly in the film. But given recent tensions between the couple, this is said to be unlikely.

5. The Series Could Debut As Soon As This Year

Netflix has not officially confirmed when the project will debut on the platform. But sources have indicated that it could be as soon as later this year.

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